Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Industrial Water Purification Equipment

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Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: AJ-BW
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Discussible
Packaging Details: Standard package
Delivery Time: 7-30 working days
Payment Terms: Cash,PayPal, T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 unit per month
Detail Information
Voltage: 220/380V Product Name: Water Treatment Equipment
Usage: Watert Treatment/ Pure Water After-sales Service Provided: Online Support
Function: Water Purification Plant Name: Drinking Water Purification System / Equipment For Beverage
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1000L/H Industrial Water Purification Equipment


750L/H Industrial Water Purification Equipment


380V Industrial Water Purification Equipment

Product Description

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Industrial Water Purification Equipment For Beer / Milk / Tea
Detailed Product Description
Product Name:: Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Industrial Water Purification Equipment For Beer/ Milk Application: Drinking / Food / Hospital / Irrigation
Flow: 0.5T-100T Pretreat Ment: Carbon Filter , Sand Filter,water Soften
Usage: Drinking / Food Dosing Pump: ajiewater
MOQ: 1 Unit Production Time: 20-30 Working Days


Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Industrial Water Purification Equipment For Beer/ Milk


RO macnine  in wine production

1, beerThe reverse osmosis method produces low - grade beer.Firstly, the beer is concentrated through reverse osmosis. Due to the poor

interception ability of alcohol in the film, a certain amount of permeable liquid is separated together, and then the concentration is diluted with

non-alcoholic solution (such as sterile water), thus reducing the alcohol content of the beer


2. Control the sweetness of the wineIn order to provide the sweetness of the wine, the Japanese winemaking industry has used reverse

osmosis equipment to produce wine, which is used to separate the water from the solution, to condense the wine to the required sweetness,

and to produce high-quality natural wine.This process does not need heating, so will not be cooked taste, no pigment decomposition and

brown phenomenon;No evaporation process, no loss of nutrients, can maintain good wine quality and aroma.Three, should be in the juice

processingReverse osmosis equipment in juice processing, mainly used for concentration, clarification and sterilization.The technical

difficulties are mainly the osmotic pressure of the juice and the membrane is easy to be contaminated.Since the 1980s, membrane separation

for juice processing has become mature and industrialized.Such as: apple juice, orange juice, hawthorn processing, fruit and vegetable

processing waste liquid treatment, fruit and vegetable processing in the direction of material extraction.


Model Number Capacity(L/H) Power(KW) Ro membrane Size L*W*H(mm)
RO-250 250 2.0 4040 1600*620*1700
RO-500 500 2.0 4040 1600*620*1700
RO-750 750 2.5 4040 1800*620*1800
RO-1000 1000 2.5 4040 1800*620*1800
RO-1500 1500 2.5 4040 1800*620*1800
RO-2000 2000 3.5 4040 2450*800*1850
RO-3000 3000 4.5 4040 2450*800*1850
RO-4000 4000 6.5 8040 2950*900*1850
RO-5000 5000 8.0 8040 2950*900*1850
RO-6000 6000 8.0 8040 4150*900*2150
RO-8000 8000 12.0 8040 4850*1500*2850
RO-10T 10000 18.0 8040 4850*1500*2850
RO-15T 15000 18.0 8040 7500*1800*2850
RO-20T 20000 28.0 8040 9000*2000*3000



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