Reverse Osmosis Ultra Pure Water System For Industrial Plant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: AJ-EDI
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden or carton
Delivery Time: 15-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20 units per month
Detail Information
Color: Natural Desalination Rate: > 99%
Weight: Customized Size: 3000*3000*5500 (mm)
Type: Reverse Osmosis Control: Electric Auto Control (PLC Siemens)
Sterilization: UV Condition: New
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SUS304 EDI Water Treatment Plant


SUS316 Ultra pure Water System


SUS304 Ultra pure Water System

Product Description

EDI Water Treatment Plant Ultra-pure Water System For Industrial Plant



Product Description

Name EDI Water Treatment Plant Ultra-pure Water System For Industrial Plant Material: SUS304 316
Source Water Tap Water Recovery Efficiency: 60%~75%
60%~75% 99.70% Security Filter: Stainless Steel

EDI Water Treatment Plant Ultra-pure Water System For Industrial Plant

Water Treatment Equipment Description


The methods of water treatment include physical treatment and chemical treatment.

The physical method includes the use of various filter materials with different pore sizes, and the impurities in the water are excluded by adsorption or blocking. The most important adsorption method is adsorption by activated carbon, and the blocking method is to pass water through the filter material to make the volume. Larger impurities cannot pass, resulting in cleaner water.


The chemical method uses various chemicals to convert impurities in water into substances that are less harmful to the human body, or concentrates impurities. After the impurities in the water are collected, the volume becomes larger, and the impurities can be removed by filtration.

Application field

1, electronics, electricity, electroplating, lighting appliances, laboratories, food, paper, daily chemicals, building materials, paint, batteries, laboratory, biological, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, steel, glass and other fields.

2. Pure water for chemical process water, chemical agents, cosmetics, etc.

1 Single crystal silicon, semiconductor wafer dicing, semiconductor chip, semiconductor package, lead frame, integrated circuit, liquid crystal display, conductive glass, picture tube, circuit board, optical communication, computer components, capacitor cleaning products and various components, etc. The production process uses pure water.

2 Water for food industry: drinking pure water, mineral water, materials, beer, dairy, etc.

3 Seawater, brackish water desalination: improvement of domestic water use in islands, ships, and high salinity areas.

4 Building, community quality water supply: star hotel, airport, real estate property pure water network system, etc.

5 Chemical industry process water: chemical cooling, fertilizer, chemical manufacturing.


Ultrapure water system.

The ultrapure water system refers to the production system in which the system is completely produced from raw water to ultrapure water. Generally, the ultrapure water system is ultrapure water produced by multiple filtration, ion exchange, degassing, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, nanometer rate, and ion adsorption filtration.

Process Flow

1: pretreatment - reverse osmosis - purification tank - ion exchanger - UV lamp - pure water pump - water point

2: Pretreatment - primary reverse osmosis - secondary reverse osmosis (positive charge reverse osmosis membrane) - purification tank - pure water pump - UV lamp - water point

3: Pretreatment - reverse osmosis - intermediate tank - intermediate pump - EDI unit - purification tank - pure water pump - UV lamp - water point

4: pretreatment→ultraviolet sterilizing device→first-level RO device→secondary RO device→intermediate water tank→EDI device→deoxidation device→nitrogen sealed pure water tank→except TOC UV device→polishing mixed bed→ultrafiltration device→water point

The water quality meets the American ASTM standard, the ultra-pure water quality standard of the electronic department (18MΩ*cm, 15MΩ*cm, 2MΩ*cm and 0.5MΩ*cm four levels)

Ultrapure water system reverse osmosis (membrane separation) method ultrapure water manufacturing technology

Reverse osmosis is the separation of the solvent (usually referred to as water) in the solution through a reverse osmosis membrane (a semi-permeable membrane) with sufficient pressure in the opposite direction to the permeation direction. Separation can be carried out using a reverse osmosis method that is greater than the osmotic pressure. , purification and concentration of the solution. The primary separation target for reverse osmosis membranes is the range of ions in the solution.

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