1000LPH Ultrafiltration Membrane System For Drinking Water

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Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE/ISO/SGS
Model Number: AJIE-UF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: USD28000-55000
Packaging Details: Ship by container Transparent film paper packing
Delivery Time: 28-40 days
Payment Terms: Cash,PayPal, T/T, L/C, Western Union
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Function: Anti-bacteria Weight: Depends
Power: As Per Plant Module Color: And So On
Control Method: Full Control Advantage: Physical Method
Name: Low Price Quality Uf Plant/uf Membrane/ultrafiltration System Length: 100-1200mm
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1000LPH Ultrafiltration Membrane System


SGS Ultrafiltration Membrane System


1200mm Ultrafiltration Membrane System

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1000LPH Ultrafiltration Membrane System UF/RO Machine For Drinking Water



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Hour Capacity: 2T Per Hour Membrane: UF Membrane
Item: 1000LPH Ultrafiltration Membrane System UF/RO Machine For Drinking Water Payment Terms: TT, Cash
Installation Type: Sent Engineer To Local Warranty: 360 Days
Brand: ajiewater Material: FRP

1000LPH Ultrafiltration Membrane System UF/RO Machine For Drinking Water ​


In the ultrafiltration process, the aqueous solution flows under the pressure and flows through the surface of the membrane, which is smaller than the solvent (water) of the membrane pores and the small molecular solute permeable membrane, which becomes the purification liquid (filter solution), and the solute and solute group larger than the membrane pore. It is trapped and discharged with water to become a concentrate. The ultrafiltration process is dynamic filtration and the separation is done in a flowing state. The solute is only deposited on the surface of the membrane, and the ultrafiltration rate is attenuated to a certain extent and tends to be balanced, and can be recovered by washing.

Ultrafiltration is a pressurized membrane separation technology that allows a small molecule of solute and solvent to pass through a specific membrane of a certain pore size under a certain pressure, so that the macromolecular solute is impermeable and remains on one side of the membrane, thereby The macromolecular material was partially purified. Ultrafiltration is one of the membrane separation technologies based on pressure. For the purpose of separation of macromolecules and small molecules [1].
Ultrafiltration originated in 1748. Schmidt used cotton film or enamel membrane to filter the solution. When a certain pressure was applied, the solution (water) penetrated the membrane, and the protein, colloid and other substances were intercepted, and the filtration precision far exceeded. Filter paper, so he proposed the phrase ultrafiltration. In 1896, Martin made the first artificial ultrafiltration membrane. In the 1960s, the concept of molecular weight was the beginning of modern ultrafiltration. In the 70s and 80s, During the period of rapid development, it began to mature after the 1990s. China's research on this technology was late, and it was still in the research period in the 1970s. In the late 1980s, it entered the stage of industrial production and application.

The ultrafiltration device is like a reverse osmosis device, and has a plate type, a tube type (internal pressure tube type and external pressure tube type), a roll type, a middle type
Ultrafiltration membrane module
Ultrafiltration membrane module
Empty fiber and other forms. Concentration polarization is a natural phenomenon in the membrane separation process. How to minimize this phenomenon is one of the important topics of ultrafiltration technology. The measures taken are as follows: (1) Increasing the velocity of the membrane surface to reduce the thickness of the boundary layer and causing the trapped solute to be carried away by water in time; 2 taking physical or chemical washing measures.


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